"Tie Rod/Ball Joint" assemblies when fitted to a vehicle's steering arrangement


Typical and general layout guide only, for "Tie Rod/Ball Joint" assemblies when fitted to a vehicle’s steering arrangement. Be sure to assemble correctly and analyse the assembly arrangement.

Before fitting either the original castellated nut or the Nyloc nut that may be supplied with an aftermarket kit, make sure to fit a hardened seating washer of the appropriate thickness and diameter. Torque the nut to the manufacturer’s specified torque. If using a castellated nut, it may be that the split pin does not align with the hole in the threaded section of the tie rod, in which case some additional adjustment of the castellated nut may be required by machining the seating side of the castellated nut slightly so that it will turn around an additional amount, without exceeding the manufacturer’s specified torque, for the split pin to be inserted through the hole when fitted correctly aligned and fitted. Machining of a Nyloc nut seating face is not required as a Nyloc nut does not need to be secured with a split pin, however a cotter pin or split pin may be provided.

Download 130509-ASSESSCO-Castellated-Nut-and-Nylock-Nut-for-Ball-Joint-Assembly.pdf