Forensic Fault Investigations


Assessco's purpose and overall objective is to assist individuals and companies, where material loss and technical and legal issues arise, in the process of identifying the historical evidence, of assessing and evaluating such evidence, and summarising such evidence and conclusions in technical and legal reports.

Material loss issues within incidents occur suddenly and without prior warning, resulting generally in financial loss. This may create emotional stress and general feelings of anxiety for the insured party. The immediate issue is "what to do next", Generally this is a call to ones insurance broker or insurance company. However, such a direction does not always result in an acceptable outcome for the individual who may or may not be covered by the insurer. The declining of a claim by an insurer may further exacerbate stresses and anxieties to the insured party.

Assessco's expertise is in the area of providing independent analysis and evaluation of material loss incident situations, and providing technical support and assistance within the process of management of any matter relating to recovered evidence. In addition we provide analysis and assessment of such evidence, written conclusions and recommend solutions to have material matters settled within a constructive and evidentially assessed declaratory manner.

Assessco has stated "Terms and Conditions of Engagement". As part of Assessco's instruction an "Estimate Disclosure Advice Document", prior to entering into an investigation process, will be provided for the instructing parties perusal and applied confirmation. The "Estimate Disclosure Advice Document" provides within the identified processes of engagement, all the necessary information one needs to apply and confirm an instruction.

Assessco's principal, Timothy H. Smithson, will provide as part of the disclosure process a copy of his Curriculum Vitae (CV).