Timothy H. Smithson

Assessco General & Marine

Timothy H. Smithson (QBE) Drive Train (Mech.) Eng. & Principal
Mechanical Fault Investigations & Forensic Mechanical Laboratory.

The principal’s experience is within applied mechanical mechanisms. Experience has been developed over the last forty four years from a background of applied mechanics, trade practice and management practice within the mechanisms of mechanical drive-train and their associated ancillary drive equipment. In addition the servicing, reconditioning, rebuilding, manufacturing of critical components, and the completion of drive-line system assemblies prior to final bench and dynamometer testing and installation; final warranty signoff and completion.

Applied activities:

  • Mechanical Fault and Property Loss Investigations
  • Reports & submissions re: insurance & litigation claims, comprehensive reports detailing our investigation findings
  • Drive-line fault analysis
  • Mechanical failure Analysis
  • Incident and vehicle highway accident/incident
  • Fire damage incidents and resultant damage, in process of root cause analysis regarding the evidence and material remains.
  • Recommendations on repair and machine drive-line maintenance
  • Diesel fuel systems and applied fuel equipment and turbo-chargers
  • Material examination and testing analysis of materials within components, with applied application of magnetic particle inspections re: components in application of non destructive testing supported by certificate report signoff and where required metallurgy reviews and reporting.
  • Document preparation re: technical & legal documentation, Company documentation processes, Estimate Disclosure Advice Documents, business Credit Application applied forms and documents related to warranty and complaints resolution processes
  • Peer-Review case file documents on review of unresolved incidents and claims

In the areas of mechanical process and analysis within associated drive-line elements, a number of factors must be considered when under review. These include applied lubrication, applied coolants and chemical additives. Using the incorrect lubricants, coolants and chemicals can cause premature failures and expensive repair scenarios. For additional insight regarding Timothy H. Smithson refer to Assessco’s principal, Timothy H. Smithson, request a copy of his Curriculum Vitae (CV) as part of any inquiry and/or email instruction as part of a prior Disclosure Advisement process.

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