Peer-Review Reports

Road accident investigation conclusions can often be open to opinion especially if important technical evidence is misinterpreted, taken out of context or missing from an investigation. The impact of incorrect findings can be potentially damaging on a personal and financial level. Having a second opinion or "Peer Review" of an incident investigation helps to determine if formal findings are complete and accurate.

What is a Peer-Review?

A peer-review is widely used by professionals and academics to ensure the work and conclusions of one expert is corroborated by other experts in the same field. It is normal for experts to offer different opinions and when there is a difference of opinion regarding important technical evidence, it may be appropriate to perform more detailed tests, deeper investigation or revise conclusions.

Accident Investigation Peer-Review

Assessco undertakes peer-reviews of incident reports and road accident investigations. Working as officially approved forensic investigators we analyse and scrutinse the available evidence and findings. Our review process may highlight new areas for research and investigation or question formal conclusions. These findings are provided as a detailed report with supporting photographic images and diagrams to assist others in understanding issues involved. If necessary we can also be called as an expert witness to explain these issues in court or offical hearings.

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