KAD 43 P Volvo Marine Engine Failure

KAD 43 P Volvo Marine Engine camshaft separation fracture between the first and second camshaft lobes. To date two KAD 43 P engines with low hours have been identified with this severe type of Latent Defect effect, there will be others undoubtedly. The two engines so far identified are as follows: - Eng No's 2204300968 and 2204301767. Those with similar camshaft separation issues may wish to add their serial numbers to the list presently tabled.

The engines concerned were sold in New Zealand by the New Zealand Distributor Volpower NZ Limited and Volvos product supplier Ovlov Marine Limited, whom are based in Auckland. To date, all submissions made to recover warranty cover have been declined, the declinature aspect is, it appears, due to their complete lack of any understanding regarding mechanical drive-train issues.

A direct request made, by the client, to have a Volvo Penta factory trained engineer review one or both of the engines, and their enclosed material issues, has also been declined to date by the manufacturer in Sweden. It would seem that Volvo Penta's warranty protocols, procedures and processes are in conflict with their Company's own mission statement, given that no constructive review by the manufacturer has to date been undertaken.

An additional approach to the CEO of Volvo Penta is presently being sought regarding this matter.